JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


This looks great!


One World, up close by subherwal, on Flickr

Jersey city, views by subherwal, on Flickr






I’ll call this, J Lo.

No… not the curvy J-Lo, but J-Lo. The wide-hippped Jersey City, Lower Manhattan skyline.

Love this view. Kinda why a booming Jersey City is good for aesthetics, as it complements Lower Manhattan like Jelly complements peanut butter.


Agreed! It’s a great match. If you didn’t know the area, you would have no idea there is a river running through there.


Today from grove st


Downtown-Midtown by pedrik, on Flickr


Taken today


Nice shot!


Really happy with how this is progressing. I feel like so many of my favorite projects in NY/NJ are constantly on hold or their designs are severely altered bc of legal issues or finance logistics. But this is one of those towers that just went from concept to half way done without a hitch


Untitled by Subhash Roy, on Flickr


My dream is to not die until both the jersey and long island waterfronts are full of skyscraperage and Midtowns plateau is 2000 feet instead of 800




This is really gonna be a stunner when said & done



Nice! Looks like it is about halfway up. Think I counted about 35-40 floors already.


The 40th Floor was topped off about 2 weeks ago…so figure another 2-3 floors as of today


Very nice!


Kinda crappy picture by me, but you can see it okay. Looks really big in person. It seems to be going up very very quick.

Taken just 5 minutes ago by me: