JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS



new angles


Those are some new sexy renderings!:heart_eyes::joy:


It also looks like they changed it from the original rendering^


No, its the same plan


Well I meant a different angle of the building


It’s starting to pop through!!! Can’t wait to see this thing grow!!!


This building will do wonders to balance out the Goldman Sachs tower on the waterfront. While a very respectable building, it never quite looked like it was meant to be the crown jewel of any city’s skyline.






Love the ‘stone’ glass combo.




I’d like to see the Amazon HQ in JC.


That will be good for Jersey. NYC is choking.


I think that would be awesome. JC is already like the 6th borough and Amazon coming would probably really boost the cluster of towers there. A nice trio between JC, downtown Manhattan and BK.


Starting to pop up in the skyline! :smile:

Credit: Martin Kalfatovic


This one is moving along nicely. Can’t wait!




You’ve been very active on taking pictures today JC_Heights!


Yes…I must say a big thank you for all you awesome updates from around the whole metro area JC