JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson St | 900 FT | 76 FLOORS


First part of the tower crane is up





Probably the most active I have ever seen this site.



Nice photos ,JC


Nice update JC, from your photos it can be seen that some of the foundation work is complete and the tower crane is soon to be fully installed. This will shoot up.



Tower crane still not up but the site was extremely active today. Seems to get more and more active every time I walk by. More equipment more workers etc.


Nice photo, JC!!!


Nice updates JC, keep 'em coming!


The podium portion has started with the parking garage ramps. Crane is fully up. this one is rising!



Great updates JC! As a fellow Jersey man I’ve been waiting to see this one rise!


Great photos, JC


Great update JC!


Thanks everyone. I’m also really excited to see this one rise. Especially since one journal square got a height chop. This one is back to being the future tallest in nj (for now)


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Taken 3/19/2017




Just to give an idea of how huge this tower will be, it’s really hard to get the whole site in a single pic…literally a blockbuster


I remember driving around the block several times a couple of months ago when they where doing pilings. All day piling into the ground. Sounded like a drum beat at one point.


Great shot, Apo!


I’m looking forward to seeing this tower peak out above the terrain in new spots of Northern New Jersey.