JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson St | 900 FT | 76 FLOORS


Very wide foodprint for the Tri-State area for sure




Great news , JC!


from 2 days ago, lots of piling!


Are they excavating a foundation??


Great update, Streetscaper!


They’ve been piling for a while. Site is massive though. This will really add bulk to the skyline. Similar to how Goldman Sachs transformed the waterfront.




9/26. Looks like rebar coming out of the ground in a few locations around the lot.


10/19. This and many other sites at the same stage of construction in jc were dead today. What’s going on?

Also bonus nearby goldman sachs.




Great photos , JC


I wonder when this will begin its vertical ascent?


Looks like this should rise any day now.

Taken yesterday


Apparently Plaza Construction is doing 99hudson. They are builing a lot of towers around nyc including 111 murray. They seem to work fast, So hopefully this will move quicker once they start to go vertical.




Nice update, JC


Nice updates JC, this is getting serious now.



They keep moving that pile of dirt around in the middle of the site. They have to be getting close to building the tower at this point.


Nice photos, JC