JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson St | 900 FT | 76 FLOORS


now for the crown


Is this really topped out already?


I think they still have to do the crown


Really happy with the way this one is turning out. This was a great addition to the Jersey side of the river. Would love to see more like it.


I would love to see a sort of canyon effect sailing up the Hudson with supertalls on both sides of the river.


Do you think we will see a supertall in Jersey before 2025?


very possible.



I dream of that often… far more likely to happen on the east river though.


I just thought this collage was cool. Not accurate, as its a collage in terms of scale, but a little collection of some JC towers.



interesting. Is the crown occupiable space?


This morning


20181009 DSC01641 New York by Skivory, on Flickr