JERSEY CITY | 87 Newkirk St | FT | 15 FLOORS



Excavation has begun


There will be a groundbreaking ceremony for this building at 1pm on May 3, attended by the mayor. As you can see above, ground has already technically been broken, but this ceremony will probably mark the start of full-swing construction.


Great News! That site was vacant for so long! This area is prime for some bigger buildings as it is 1 block from the PATH station.


Excavation is complete I think and foundation work has begun. They had the st closed down and the excavators were out of the hole.


I don’t have pictures, but I can confirm that a substantial amount of the foundation and the footing for the core have been poured. This one will be going vertical in no time.


This one is topped out.


Photos by Oron_Zchut