JERSEY CITY | 75 Park Lane South | FT | 37 FLOORS


It has been topped out for awhile now. These were taken today. No sign of cladding for either development though.


I drove by the site again today, and there was a large delivery of facade units. It’s being stored in the lower levels facing Washington BLVD. The facade looks like it will be very high end.


I didn’t get a photo, but if someone who’s nearby can get close, they started cladding on the lower floors.


I think the reason the facade took awhile to start is that there were some material changes to it.



The facade is getting put on, one panel at a time. Shorehouse next door is also getting ready to receive its facade


nice captures 726!




Can see Park Lane behind Ellipse in JC.

Credit: Elena


The glass on the main tower has finally started but wow is it taking forever haha
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