JERSEY CITY | 75 Park Lane South | FT | 37 FLOORS


First floor is up


I believe that’s the tower portion that’s starting to go up in the middle


Wow they made a lot of quick progress all of the sudden. The tower portion should go up quick as well.


75 park lane and shorehouse next door both moving fast.


From a few days ago at the hoboken light rail.


Still no crane? Getting taller though




How is the crane still not up yet!:joy:


By Nexis4Jersey:



Passed the setback now.


Yesterday. This one has about 10+ floors to go then the crown. I guess they really are doing the whole thing with no crane.


Great updates JC!



I wonder when glass will appear for either building.


Great image.

I made a gif showcasing your image, and the rendering (for comparison). :blush:


Looks good Chris,


Today from the heights


Today. Looks like they might be just working on the crown at this point. Still no sign of cladding for the main tower but the small Shore development is prepping for cladding now.


Lower Jersey City On The Hudson Rv. by Patrick Marella, on Flickr


Credit: FC


How close is it to topping out?