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Revealed: 75 Park Lane South, Jersey City

Jersey City’s planning board approved plans last month to build a 37-story condo tower at 75 Park Lane South, near the Hudson River waterfront. YIMBY has the first look at the project, which will join 10 other residential high-rises in the Newport section of the city.

The building will bring 359 condos and 7,250 square feet of retail to a vacant lot between Washington Street, 14th Street, and North Boulevard. Marchetto Higgins Stieve and Woods Bagot Architects are designing the complex, which will rise above its neighbors, a pair of brick-clad rental buildings at 30 and 40 Newport Parkway. Marchetto Higgins Stieve created these renderings, and they appear to have designed two versions of the complex – one dominated by dark red brick, the other with monochromatic facade panels and glass.


so which design are they going with?


Believe image #1


This kinda has a Riverside Center vibe to it (1st render). I’m surprised there aren’t more units given its size, but nevertheless, good news.


There’s a really high resolution rendering of this project on mhsarchitects main site.

This one below being 2561x3577



There was a piledriver here a couple days ago. Gone now but it seemed to have put a few piles in. They seem to do this with every jc project. Drive a few piles then come back in a few weeks. I guess they want to see how they settle or something?

A few years ago i was watching a piledriver for a development downtown jc (maybe phase 1 of the morgan? Or that highrise on 1st st) and they lost a pile - i think it went down a sinkhole or something while they were halfway down. It was wierd.


I wonder if there is an environmental study going on. Usually before anything rises or any major construction, they test the land for environmental concerns.


Could be test piles. They drive a few in, load it with weight based on the design capacity and measure the settlement.


They may take borings to see what the make-up of the ground is. The rigs that do this are relatively small; they’re usually just drills mounted to the back of a truck.

For environmental tests, they usually dig pits throughout the site and take samples. They wouldn’t drill all the way down because any contamination is typically near the surface.


Looks like they have started some excavation(ripped up the grass and dug down a bit) and will be driving some more piles soon.



New Rendering! :slight_smile:



That new updated rendering looks pretty good and includes an additional building between the main tower and the ellipse on the next block.

Both sites are being worked on. The smaller site was being cleared today while the much larger site had a large piledriver and some other equipment on site. Looks like they will build both at the same time.



Main site

Smaller site 1 block east




This project has really picked up steam all of the sudden.


Smaller eastern site

Larger western site


The smaller building is called shore house now.