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March 28 2014
Brandon Nagle


I was hoping the designs of Park Lane and Ellipse was a turning point. This looks so bad… They better put in retail or something at the base facing the water and the walkway.


JC - Miami on the Hudson.

this is interesting though:


Agreed. This stretch has potential for lots of foot traffic as Newport’s northeast quadrant becomes populated, because it leads directly to the Hoboken PATH station. It could be a very unique waterfront retail corridor. But with LeFrak’s tacky taste and 1980s planning ideas, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The 790-unit project is the one in Vena Cava’s original post of this thread. As you can see, more tacky Miami-like drek.

Ouch! Not fair. I’ll let it go if you change this to ‘Newport - Miami on the Hudson’ :stuck_out_tongue:


fair enough :smile:


Looks like there is new activity. They had renderings up on a billboard at the site for many years, but that sign was removed recently. They are wrapping up on Ellipse, so it is possible they are starting the next big project now.

To me this is one of the best sites available. It is enormous and is very close to Hoboken PATH, light rail, ferries, and trains. So much potential here.

I first noticed a couple weeks ago they took down the concrete mixing operation that was on site for at least 5 years. The past two weeks they’ve been doing lots of excavation of some sort. Will keep an eye on it for more progress or hints at plans.


Thanks for the update. I have not walked by in some time but it is good to hear they have cleared the temp concrete mixing plant.

I agree, the location is insanely good. Probably the best undeveloped site with the most potential out of anything in all of NJ. The proximity to the Hoboken transit station is key, as well as being right on the water. They should upzone the whole area for much larger buildings.

The retail all along the water is a great idea as well, and is something that is lacking in JC.


Yes, I’ve noticed that all the land to the north of the park there has a ton of equipment and soil being moved around. I hope the design changes. I think putting retail there would really activate the waterfront walkway too.


Lots of activity today


Couple days ago from the light rail in hoboken.


Today from the light rail. Test piles are in on the easternmost section of the development.




So will it ruin everyones views of the river and city behind it :frowning: I live on 10th street and have a great view of the empire state building and river but i guess not anymore!


Yeah, I guess not!


Any idea when this will be completed so we can sell before it goes up :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, you’re the hottest person on this forum!


I’m confused why you are not selling it right now. Once this piece of waterfront is developed, 10th Street might as well be East Orange.


And then with those megatowers coming by the Holland…