JERSEY CITY | 537 Summit Ave (Journal Squared) | 730 + 635 + 575 FT | 70 + 60 + 54 FLOORS


Thanks for the info Iammius. Are you just observing the site or do you have inside knowledge of the project?


Just a nosy neighbor.


The pile driver has been busy the past couple of weeks. Today I noticed a second pile driver on the site, though not much work going on today with snow on the ground.


Taken today and yesterday. The other pile driver is behind the one in front. They are slowly digging up the ground and adding temporary steel beams on the site perimeters.



Here’s a fun view!


Looks like piling might be done for now. Next step should be more excavation for the foundation.

Projects in need of update

Excavation continues. This was a few days ago:


Look closely. Things are starting to sprout from the ground!





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Nice to see some progress here. Thanks for the pics!


Happy to be here


Last week


Phase 3:


Tower crane is up


Journal Squared’s Second Phase And Tallest Tower Now Rising In Jersey City

Whether driving out from the Holland Tunnel, or taking I-78 East or Route 9 into Jersey City, the sight of Journal Squared, designed by HWKN/Hollwich Kushner and Handel Architects and developed by Kushner Real Estate Development, is hard to miss from the highways. Perched on the high hills above the PATH train station to the west of the downtown district, the views and sights of both Jersey City and Manhattan are unbeatable from the top floors. For the past couple of months, work has significantly geared up on the second phase of the complex, which will imminently yield a 72-story residential tower standing 759 feet.

Architecturally identical to its existing shorter twin, it will have 700 units, 18,000 square feet of retail space, and a gross square footage of around 1,000,000 square feet. The construction crane and foundation work are both present as concrete pouring and formwork have been progressing at a quick pace. A large part of the retail floor is being assembled and poured alongside Pavonia Avenue to the north of the tower’s footprint that quickly went up in the past couple of weeks, while progress on the skyscraper portion has also been substantial.

The second tower broke ground almost exactly one year ago. The site of the third and final tower is being used as a staging area for trailers and construction equipment at the intersection of Pavonia Avenue and Summit Avenue. When complete, Tower 2 will stand prominently above the surrounding area with uninterrupted views extending higher past the top of the first tower

Completion of the second phase is expected sometime in 2020.





Today. There were a ton of workers here and they are moving pretty fast. A couple more floors and the podium will be complete.