JERSEY CITY | 537 Summit Ave (Journal Squared) | 730 + 635 + 575 FT | 70 + 60 + 54 FLOORS




A sidewalk scaffold has gone up, and there are now visible signs of interior demolition, including broken windows.


Excavators on site! Pics courtesy of DominiRicanJSQ over at WiredNewYork:

In other news, I’m moving to this side of the neighborhood soon, so I’m looking forward to keeping the board updated!


It’s coming down!


They must be in a hurry to get this started, because they’re working overtime late into the evening and on weekends to get the demolition done. It’s mesmerizing to watch!




Pic by me. Just of the original tower. Taken today.

Click to zoom. Taken in the wilderness of JC.

Tallest component is up next on the dinner plate. Phase 2!


The entire rest of the lot is now clear. Just a hole remaining where the previous building was.


After a couple of weeks of inactivity, it looks like they finally broke ground this morning. It’s kind of hard to see in these pics, but the hole that they’re digging is in the back corner on the upper right (the bigger hole is where the foundation of the Verizon/ArtHouse building used to be):


you can also see 30 Hudson Yards under construction in the background of the second pic.


The hole is getting larger. No doubt this is excavation for the foundation.
(EDIT: Just noticed the afternoon shadows make it hard to see. Will get pics during the morning next time!).


Thanks for these updates! Were these taken on top of the parking garage? Great spot for some progress pics here.


Yup. Ive just been walking up the ramp and taking the pics from there, though I’m assuming eventually the garage attendants will tell me not to do it anymore.

By the way, I saw YIMBY wasn’t sure how many apartments this will have…the latest plans presented to the Planning Board say this phase will have 704 apartments.

Sorry bumping this thread so much; I probably won’t take more pics until they’re done with excavation or they begin foundation work. I figure that should be in 3-4 weeks.


The sites for tower 2 & tower 3 are all clear. Nowhere to go from here but up!



thought this was a neat shot

@djtravluv on instagram


Pic by me. Taken today.

JSQ Phase 1 C.Estevez by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


This site has been active lately.



Could be prep work?


Foundation work commenced this morning.