JERSEY CITY | 537 Summit Ave (Journal Squared) | 730 + 635 + 575 FT | 70 + 60 + 54 FLOORS



Work being done on the north entryway/sidewalk.






Phase 1 is complete. The front entrance looks pretty good. And I saw a woman showing 2 potential tennants the building. I hope they lease it up fast so they will have to get moving with phase 2.



Pic by me. Taken today.


Ugh. I know that traffic jam all too well!


Its always there. A year ago, still there. But we get use to it. It seems like these road projects take forever. There’s one going on by the BQE and the jams are epic. Luckily, I get paid to be stuck in traffic, so f it lol.

Call me masochist, but I like NYC traffic. There’s a serene beauty to being stuck in it, all the while sirens and jay walkers on every angle, surrounded by skyscrapers 360 degrees. Nothing like some good old gridlock to start the day off.

Although in my experience, Brooklyn has the worst traffic in the city. Id take Manhattan traffic over Brooklyn any day of the week.


phase 2 is imminent:


Site Elevation: 90
Structure Height: 759
Total Height (AMSL): 849

[QUOTE][B]Description of Proposal:[/B] Construction of a 72-story residential building. This is Phase 2 of the project; the adjoining 54-story Phase 1 tower has been completed.[/QUOTE]


Fantastic. Hopefully phase II of URL can start as well.



Still no groundbreaking for phase 2…

Here are a couple shots of phase 1 anyway


The Art House building has been vacated and fenced off in anticipation of demolition for tower 2. Demo is supposed to take place this month:


Great updates, JC and Apo!


I believe the largest tower in the complex will rise next right?

Edit: never mind just reread the FAA data:

Site Elevation: 90
Structure Height: 759
Total Height (AMSL): 849

Great news. A tower with a AMSL of 849 will dominate the area. Phase 1 is very noticeable already.


Pic by me. Taken today.


Next step should be demo of the half concrete and black building. Most of the plaza and public space around this site is open now.



I walked that way to get to the path, and it’s quite nice. The new entry stairs that lead to the trans. center was still gated off but it looks great. I believe on the other forums that the Art House building already has demolition permits filed? Not sure if that’s correct.


I was the source of that info about the demo. Reps from the local civic association were taken on a tour a few weeks ago of the new tower, and they were told that demo on the Art House building would be imminent. But it hasn’t happened yet, so maybe something changed?

In possibly related news, JerseyDigs said today that 200 of 538 apartments at Journal Squared are rented (it’s in the comments section):


No movement on demo for phase 2 as of yet, but confirmation that Art House moved out of the building to make way for demo…

Art House Productions is the first to move into the ground floor spaces at Cast Iron Lofts. They are hoping to create weekly, and possibly nightly, entertainment for the residents of the lofts. Art House Productions had to vacate its prior location at 136 Magnolia Ave. because the building was to be demolished to make way for a new Journal Square apartment complex.


There is a giant hole in the ground in front of the Art House building. Might be demo-related. Will take a picture tonight and post if I can.


They mostly filled the hole by the time I got back around to it. This morning it was about 10 feet deeper and there were broken ends of pipes sticking out of the side