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PAD Plan Transition Zone site for Development

10/20/2014 by KATHRYN

They are proposing a 15 story residential building with two ground floor commercial spaces. The ground floor would also contain the residential lobby, some auto parking, building service areas and bicycle storage. The building would be designed as a “Green” building with such features as car charging stations, low-flow fixtures, highly efficient appliances, etc. The design is still in flux, but the unit count is projected to be somewhere between 160 and 175 dwellings.

They are asking for an additional 25% more in height -15 stories (165ft) and 36+ additional units - taller than PAD Plan allows (125 feet) and with a FAR of 12-13 (max set for PAD transition zone is FAR: 8). There is already a plan to bring over ten electric charging stations on First Street – and their charging station would not be available for the public to use. There is only ground floor parking (only 20 spaces for 168 units and again, not open to public). Not sure how the neighborhood can absorb the extra vehicles (potentially +100).




The site is clear and the sign on the fence said environmental testing.


Post from West Hudson on the Jersey City Rising forum on wirednewyork. He says site prep has begun and concrete is being ripped up.

Reminder about what this will look like:




Last week


Piledriving going on today


Still doing site-prep work, hard to see. Found these images on the PAD’s site.

I think the materials used here will be a nice change from all the typical red brick.


This site has become very active. Lots of digging today.





This is going up very very slowly. Core is a bit higher now but not much else


From a few days ago


Last week



Photo by West Hudson


Over a week ago


7 or so floors left before topping out



You can see the parking lot for 25 columbus in the foreground is still active. The existing tower appeared to have completed restoration so hopefully the main tower will start in 2019.


Facade is looking really promising