JERSEY CITY | 235 Grand St | FT | 45 FLOORS


Oh man, been meaning to post some pics of this. I’ve got a couple of different angles:


Is this so post to be taller or shorter than 70 and 90 Columbus Dr?


Not sure on the height in relation to columbus towers. I assume this will be slightly shorter.

Another question: does anyone know if what we are seeing rise is the smaller building or the main tower portion? I remember this being 2 buildings like park and shore in newport. I would guess this is the small building but not sure.


That is the tower rising. The shorter building is that parking lot in the last photo


They said in a Jersey Digs article that they will start with the taller tower of the two and then do the smaller one last.


Do we have a height on this development. If so, I can update title.




Seems like they are building out the apartments facing Grand St. first before they start the actual tower portion. The tower is supposed to go where the crane is. It’s a little odd




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Tower portion has started. Should go much faster now




Taken today near City Hall


It’s really making an impact!


Its about 2/3 up now.


From the highline today


This thing is really growing. Facade is being put up on the lower levels


I think it is at about 42/45 floors.


They started on the angled roof. Should be close to topping out!


Topped out
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Facade installation