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Revealed: Liberty Harbor North’s 235 Grand Street


235 Grand Street, image via HLW

The first renderings are up for yet another skyscraper that will soon begin construction on the Jersey City waterfront, at 235 Grand Street. The tower will be part of Liberty Harbor North, and Ironstate is the developer; the architect is HLW, and their website has additional images of the project.

235 Grand Street — image via HLW

Several complications must be addressed before work can start on the project, as the site is currently occupied by an old coal bunker that houses a non-profit. The organization is moving to another new Ironstate building at 18 Park — designed by HWKN — which is opening this June. Once the re-location is complete, demolition can begin on the old building, and construction on 235 Grand Street is expected to start later this year.

235 Grand Street’s base — image via HLW

Ironstate’s website indicates that the tower will stand 45 stories tall, with 670 units in total; an additional mid-rise component will be located next-door. While Liberty Harbor North has a long ways to go before full build-out, the progress at 235 Grand Street will further enhance the Jersey City waterfront, which is booming with new development.

235 Grand Street’s base and the neighboring mid-rise; image via HLW

In terms of design, the architecture of 235 Grand Street is fairly standard for Jersey City, but its ground-level presence will revitalize a former dead zone. The plan incorporates an extension of Grove Street, and will also add green space to the neighborhood. The tower itself is tall, glassy, and typical of large-scale luxury developments across the Hudson; its mid-rise neighbor will also add density and bulk, further extending the pedestrian-friendly realm of Liberty Harbor North.

235 Grand Street’s mid-rise neighbor; image via HLW

Completion of 235 Grand is expected in 2015.


Some new renders here

Back in nov 2016 they drove a bunch of piles on the east and south sides of the boys and girls club building. No work has been done since.

From 1/11


I noticed they placed some heavy machinery on site on my way home today. Hopefully they are planning to start this one soon.


I was on the train and didn’t get a photo, but they have started demolition of the building.


Thanks for the tip. Decided to go check it out today.






I walked past this evening, and I’d say there is only a third of it left standing. Pretty quick demolition!


Sorry for the poor quality, I was on the train lol





This one is under construction.


Wow that was quick. Hope this goes up just as quick.


Still piling!


Rebar starting to stick up:




This one is fully under construction now…


A new crop of towers rises.

I think we can all agree that what these towers have been replacing, taking away the blight of the area, is a win-win for the area. Especially whats going on in Journal Square.


Yes. And this one will expand a park somewhat and extend Grove St, a main thoroughfare, closer to the waterfront. It replaced a truly butt ugly dilapidated building (the Boys and Girls Club building, which was previously a coal bunker). And the Boys and Girls Club got a shiny new facility out of the deal. Win win on all sides. And yet many people still complained. A guy on was even mad that the Boys and Girls Club came down because it was the first place he got head…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:


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