JERSEY CITY | 200 Greene St (URL Harborside) | 713 FT + FT + FT | 69 + 70 + 65 FLOORS


Thanks! Taken with my cell phone, so forgive the crap quality. By the way, I highly recommend a trip to the Winter Garden at WFC to see this building and the JC skyline from there. This thing really dominates that view. I’d say that this building finally made JC look all grown up, much more so than the Goldman tower. I took a pic, but it didn’t come out so great and doesn’t do it justice.



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Still no phase 2…


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38 percent leased in about 2 and a half months. And Mack-Cali hints that it might propose 2,000 more units at two sites across Hudson St from Urby sometime in the future. For comparison, the three Urby towers are slated to hold 2,358 units:





^wow. That is a powerful zoom on that 2nd pic!

From 7/4




So whatever happened with this?


After 8 months, 95 percent leased. One of the retail spaces is also now open, Ample Hills Creamery. I’m sure that the second tower is on its way, judging from the success of the first one. But Mack-Cali might prioritize other projects like Harborside Tower before starting Urby 2-3. It’s all positive news, which is great.


Right. CIA at skyscraperpage posted info from Mack-Cali’s quarterly financial filings, which indicate that they don’t plan on breaking ground on any more residential buildings in JC until April 2018 at the earliest. And it looks like they will probably try to build Harborside 8/9 and 25 Columbus Dr before building any more towers on the Urby site.

Here are Mack-Cali’s filings:


Great find! I remember the old masterplan renderings of Harborside back in the 2000s, but I don’t remember Harborside 8-9 and it’s uses. Do you think they’ll turn it into mixed use or office space? But seems they have plenty on their plate. What’s great is everything they said is being accomplished. The new ferry stop was completed so quickly!

Just looked at Emporis and their data says 8-9 will be low rise buildings.




8Harborside 8/9 was supposed to be offices, but as we knob all the demand is in residential these days. Some city officials told me last year that they were negotiating with a developer to build residential on a site that was supposed to be offices; I believe 8Harborside 8/9 is the site they were talking about. According to the financials they want to place 2000 apartments there; 1325 in one tower and 675 in the other.
Oh, and thank CIA for relentlessly scouring mack-cali’s statements and finding this!


I never heard of Harborside 8/9, that’s gonna be tall!


565 Broome in the background


This is a cool shot of URL Phase I.

Credit: chris langston