JERSEY CITY | 200 Greene St (URL Harborside) | 713 FT + FT + FT | 69 + 70 + 65 FLOORS



I was referring to the peninsula that Jersey city is on.


Americas Cup.





May 10th


Look what’s entering our harbor for Fleetweek!



When does phase 2 start?


Exchange Place Jersey City on the Hudson River, New Jersey by jag9889, on Flickr


With this particular project, the developer wants to reach a certain threshold of units sold before they move to further phases. So once tower 1 reaches x % of sold units, we will start seeing tower 2 and 3. Same strategy applies moving forward from tower 2 to 3.


Still no movement on the next tower as of today. Looks great with the right lighting and especially good up close (from across the river though i dont like this building as much )


this tower looks really nice definitely enhances the hudson and therefore adds to the total impact NYC has.


I agree, Atticus.


With its two neighbors slated to rise in the coming years, the impact will increase pretty dramatically as well… especially with 99 Hudson also (hopefully) happening. Now JC just needs a legit 1,500’+ building and it’ll look much more like Kowloon to Manhattan’s Hong Kong (although unlike HK, NYC also has LIC and DoBro with upcoming supertalls… which makes five regional skylines that will have towers over 900’!)





Goes to show how dense JC has becomes. Thats a nice thick skyline right there.


Taken today

Still no activity for the next tower, unfortunately. I thought I heard a rumor that they were going to start the next one this summer.


Hopefully it will start by late summer. This tower is already ridiculously dominating! Can’t wait for two more of similar height. 3x700 footers in a small area is quite big for most U.S. cities. A cluster that will further catapult JC into the skyline rankings.




URL on the left and you can also see the crane for Ellipse on the far right along with 33 park I believe to the right of URL.

Credit: Kamal Aboul-Hosn


That is the first tower for hudson exchange west to the close right of url. Far right is indeed the ellipse. 33 park would be out of frame to the left. Great pic though!