JERSEY CITY | 159 Morgan Street (Canopy Hilton Hotel) | 10 FLOORS



Here’s some photos of the only existing Canopy Hotel, in Iceland, to get an idea of what it might look like.


Looks like they are finally starting this one, now that the crane and other construction from 70/90 columbus are out of the way.



I hope this will look decent. The shape of the lot definitely makes for an interesting massing. This whole area is crazy with construction, it’s great.


They have started doing some prep work on this site now that its no longer the staging ground for 90 Columbus.

No word yet on renderings but there are some old ones online. Not sure how current this design is.


Where’d you find the renderings, I couldn’t find anything online


@Kevin_Dyer I just searched “Canopy Hotel Jersey City” and Google Images had these images. It was on this website.




They have driven some steel piles into the ground. Today


Not much progress here


Plenty of progress now
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Photos by West Hudson


So much for the old design, the new one is so much more boring… Found it on the KABR Group site. I know it is a very small site, but it is unfortunate there will be a blank wall facing Marin Blvd :roll_eyes:


Late last year, ground broke at 159 Morgan Street on a new hotel project from KABR Group. The 211-room facility will rise 10 stories and feature 6,500 square feet of retail space on the building’s ground floor. The hotel’s main lobby, which is planned for the second floor, would be connected by an elevator at the street level.