JERSEY CITY | 144 1st St | 125 FT | 12 FLOORS


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Juan Ribbon Machine Shop, 144 First St. at Provost St. – New Design Presentation

10/23/2014 by KATHRYN

The owners of 144 First Street – current tenant, Parlay Studios – presented a new design on October 30th, 7pm, based on the immediate feedback from attendees of the August 6th presentation. The architects moved the height on Second Street side of the building to the First Street side, reducing the height, but the unit count stayed the same. The design is almost identical to initial presentation – glass blocks and brick abstract section on Provost and rectangle on the lower portion four floors of First Street facade. Not industrial looking at all, very contemporary, similar to Toll Brothers down the street.

One important issue has not been addressed – the density and height. A majority of this block (transition zone) has a maximum written into the PAD Redevelopment Plan stating 90 feet and FAR:7. The owner, Nino Cohen, is presenting a height approx. 125+ ft. and FAR:11-12. This lot is unsuitable to include a parking garage – so new residents would be parking on the public streets; closest parking garage is three-four blocks away. An amendment to the PAD Plan will be needed to allow for any height and density increases from the original structure, as well as design changes other than an industrial look. The Rehabilitation Zone is quite clear in its wording as to what is allowed in current plan.