JC_Heights' Toronto construction updates


And now we r finally getting some supertalls.


This one is almost complete. YC condos


This is starting to rise at 501 yonge.


Almost topped out


Hey I’m from Toronto and I just wanted to say check out UrbanToronto it’s like New York Yimby but for us. Especially check out the forums there! Post some of ur YC condos photos there. I really enjoy hearing what other cities think of the skyscrapers being built here!


Looks mostly complete.


This one is starting to rise now

Here is the render. Clover on Yonge.


Thanks for the heads up on urban toronto forums. Ill check them out. Every time I come to Toronto the last 5+ years , the construction boom seems to keep getting bigger. Driving in this time was insane to see how many cranes are all over the place. I dare say the construction almost seems to be outpacing NYC.


Np! Toronto’s good at building a high quantity of skyscrapers and it’s only getting bigger!. Like even places outside downtown proper are building 60/70 story towers (Yonge & Eglinton, Humber bay, Mississauga) but what we really often lack is quality and that’s a main reason I come to Yimby. You can’t beat the quality cladding and design of New York skyscrapers. In Toronto many buildings get value engineered within an inch of their life and end looking nothing like the rendering although we are getting better.


I noticed that all around the outside of Toronto proper -the amount of nodes for these new tall towers is crazy. Mini cities popping up everywhere you look. Its pretty cool.

But I agree. The last 5-10 years the quality of the towers seems a tad lame. But the new upcoming towers seem like they could be beautiful. Let’s hope they stop value engineering these new ones to come.

I drove by 1 yorkville today and even that one seems like it wont be quite as nice as the rendering.


Yeah all of those nodes are around subway stations that’s how developers get height here. In Toronto our skyscrapers must have at least a 25m separation from eachother unlike in New York. And our environmental laws make Window wall cladding popular which often ruins projects like 1yorkville. Below is a good recent pic of some nodes along Yonge street.