JC_Heights' Toronto construction updates


1 block back towards yonge is 5 st joseph st condos. Almost complete as well.

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599 yonge will be another full block 45-50 fl condo. Most of the block is just crappy low rise retail but the other half of the block not pictured has one of the best beer bars in toronto that will likely have to relocate due to the construction. Bar Volo.


This is charles st east near yonge. The first building under construction is a garage- not sure if they are building on it more or taking it down? The tall building is almost complete- casa II condos. And behind that (out of site) is another large construction site for another huge condo which just started

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1 yorkville is another proposal about a block from one bloor west and where the one will be. This render looks really nice. They also need to demo some low rise before they can start.

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Wow! I learned that are new towers to rise in Toronto but not this so many proposals and the under construction ones! Nice updates, JC_Heights! ^^


43 gerrard st w condos to rise from another huge hole near yonge st.

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The residences at 488 university ave. looks like they are ready to start on the 2nd half of this soon.

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Smart house condos on queen st w.

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Bisha hotel and residences at 56 blue jays way.

Renders look great. Reality looks like just more generic glass.

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Picasso on Richmond st w. Is almost finished.

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Another apt tower almost finished. Velocity at the square. Right next to dundas sq.


88 scott st condos rising in the background. Not topped out yet.

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60 Colborne st. Just started to rise. L
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Harbour plaza and one york st



10 york st. This is in a very odd/bad location next to a couple highways and ramps everywhere but it makes for a very unique and nice building.



Ice condos almost finished.



I think that was all of the places i visited. There are tons of other sites which i missed just in downtown. Toronto is going crazy with new condo development. But aside from all these residential towers there are not as many office buildings under construction that i noticed. (Aside from 100 adelaide). It will be fun to see all of these new ones rise over the next couple years.


Hey just wanted to let u know that the 1 yorkville building is keeping all the low rise on the site and is building on top of it. This is a common practice it toronto skyscraper construction


veiw from hulmark center


This MUST be the largest boom of any North American city in terms of sheer number of towers.
I love it; Toronto is gonna kick some international skyline ass.