JC_Heights' Toronto construction updates


I was in Toronto earlier this week for business but I had some extra time to walk around and see some of the ongoing construction. It seemed that almost every block downtown had some large construction project underway with most sites being in excavation, so the real construction boom is still in the near future here. Good thing I have to go back every few months for some updates.

Here is One Bloor, which is almost complete. It seems that many of these nicer condos are selling out completely before they are even finished. Some sell out before they start construction even. The demand must be insanely high.



Toronto’s boom is insane. In a decade or so it will undoubtedly rival Chicago’s famous skyline.


This is KPF’s 100 Adelaide



just a reminder of how huge Toronto’s skyline is becoming

IMG_4053 by Marvin Beatty, on Flickr

Ward's Island by Michael Monastyrskyj, on Flickr


Still no thousand-footers save for Tour CN.


Toronto definitely has a great skyline and it is crazy how expansive the development has been into nearby suburbs like markham and mississauga and im sure im missing a few others. When I got to pearson I almost thought i was looking at the toronto skyline but it was just mississauga which was pretty large on its own. It’s crazy. The only bad thing about toronto is the shitty traffic everywhere. Maybe worse than the nyc metro area. Everything else was great. Loved it.


Across the st from one bloor west is a proposed tower called “the one” which could be over 1000 ft, and the renders look great. They have perimeter fencing up but still need to demolish one last buildign before excavation can start.

I think Gehry (who is from toronto) also may have a proposal for a supertall but i forget where it will be.

Im sure toronto will gain more supertalls in the future. As of now there is still so many parking lots and shitty low rises to demolish and put up tall towers. Once these towers go up, the demand for even taller towers will come, when buikding space downtown finally becomes more rare. But for now there are tons of open lots for sub supertall towers to rise.


Here is 64 shuter st, “core condos”. It was across the block from my hotel and i could see them installing the windows on the last couple floors as i worked from the room.



So many of these construction sites have very deep holes in toronto. I guess for large underground parking?

Render is from urbantoronto.ca



Amazing! Cool skyscrapers are rising in Toronto!
That’s wonderful!
Looking forward for new tall buildings in this Canadian city, JC_Heights!! :smile:
And nice shots you made too!


Thanks Dragon. Ill probably update these again next summer when im back. I have to go back in the winter sometime but I doubt ill want to walk around in their fridgid cold winters up there. :fearful:


True, JC_Heights, I can imagine that in winter there is freezing! Do what you can when you return there.
I wish to visit there in summer someday, and just like I planned, I want to visit Toronto and even Ottawa if possible. All of my friends who visited Vancouver, Toronto and other places in Canada say great stuffs they have. Sure want to visit Canada, and gladly, is having one city with skyscrapers now! ^^


Here is 365 church st from earlier this week.

Renders from menkes.com



Karma condos is almost complete i think. 9 grenville st.

Render from karmacondos-toronto.com



Right in front of karma ( you can see the white crane above) on yonge and college st is another 66 story condo which just started construction called yc condos.



1 block up on yonge from yc is another huge condo tower in prep called 501 yonge/teahouse condos



This one looks like an updated shorter version of First Canadian Place.


Here is 11 wellesley st w. Also almost bordering yonge st. This hole/construction site is huge!



Across the st from 11 wellesley is 36 wellsley/951 bay st which will become another condo called the britt.



On the other side of bay street from 36 wellesley is 1thousandbay condos which looks almost complete.

Render from