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Revealed: ‘Hudson Lights’ in Fort Lee


Hudson Lights - image by Martin Demczyk

Across the Hudson, Fort Lee is seeing a mini-development boom; besides twinned 49-story towers that are currently rising, an adjacent project dubbed ‘Hudson Lights,’ by Tucker Development, is also in the works.

Hudson Lights – image by Martin Demczyk

Renderings of Hudson Lights – from illustrator Martin Demczyk’s site – depict several low to mid-rise structures, with apartments sitting atop an extensively retailed street-scape. Plans for the entirety of the project include 193,000 square feet of retail, 477 housing units, a 430,000 square foot office building, and a 175-room hotel – though the first phase will only include retail and residential. Given the suburban location, the 864-space parking compliment to phase one is to be expected.

Hudson Lights – image by Martin Demczyk

The developers certainly seem set on creating a vibrant street-scape, which – in a neighborhood caught between urban and suburban characteristics – is crucial. Hudson Lights will sit on 8 acres of a greater 15-acre parcel, and once the entirety is built-out, Fort Lee will have the beginnings of a legitimately urban core.

Hudson Lights – image by Martin Demczyk

Hudson-adjacent cities in New Jersey are seeing the beginnings of a boom; with the cost of new construction in Manhattan, the trend will likely accelerate. In addition to the new projects in Fort Lee, major developments will soon transform Jersey City’s skyline.


In the foreground:
June 6

Fort Lee, NJ by Aunt Teena, on Flickr


It’s hard to see, but it looks like this project is rising on that block behind the tallest tower. There’s a huge red 90° crane operating on-site.

11 10 2014 by samsebeskazal, on Flickr


January 7, 2015 | 4:59pm

Named Hudson Lights, that development — which Tucker is undertaking in partnership with KRE Group — will feature 478 rental apartments, a 175-room hotel and roughly 200,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

Hudson Lights will open its first phase, consisting of 277 apartments and 145,000 square feet of retail, at the end of 2015. Construction on the second phase — which will feature 201 apartments, 50,000 square feet of retail and a 175-room hotel — will begin in 2016.


They are still finishing up some work on the first tower (the shorter long z shaped building). But the rest of the lot where the sign is (and where the 2 other towers will be) still has no movement as of today 8/12


kind of looks like a suburban office building


Yup I’m in this area all the time and had no idea these were rental units. Outside of the theater, there’s no real draw to any of the businesses here. Most of the action is on neighboring streets.

The Modern apartment buildings nearby: