DETROIT | Hudson's Site Redevelopment | 912 FT | 74 FLOORS


so this is happening; a new tallest building for Detroit. SHoP is the architect. +1 iconic project for the current nation-wide construction boom. Groundbreaking is scheduled for December.




This is very nice! Why cant one of the outer boroughs get something nice like this? Instead of the bullcrap we’ve been getting


Nice to see Detroit getting in on the game! Hopefully this will head the city into the right direction. Detroit has so much potential!


These guys will be pleased, as this is yet another reason to visit “Detroit Rock City”!




new rendering from SHoP w/ a parapet crown.



The design is not as good as the earlier version, but it’s still very nice.


groundbreaking was today, here is the final design.


Nice to see the motor city getting a new skyscrapper!


Finally! My home state gets a new tallest building!


I’m pleased fir Detroit, but this design isn’t that great.


It’s SHoP, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry. The materials will be great in quality. The tower itself is boxy, but the protruding observatory is relatively unique. (30 hudson yards comes to mind) It looks like a better looking, modern version of the New Orleans Plaza Tower.


Went to Detroit last week. I passed by the construction site, but it hasn’t risen above the fences. Lucky I live an hour and a half from Detroit, so I’ll try my best to provide some updates!



74 floors is not official, that’s how many I counted in the new renders


As a Michigander, I’m beyond excited