DENVER l 1144 Fifteenth | 617 FT | 40 FLOORS


I was out in Denver last week for business and many parts of the city are under construction , especially around river north and union station. But Downtown had a few large projects, including this one which looks quite large. 600k sq ft office tower. Ill try to give more updates as I travel to Denver a few times a year.

Model from

And these were from last week.


Thanks for this thread! I live in Denver and this is the biggest tower currently UC here. I really really really want Denver to get a Signature Tower though!


Beautiful tower!



Credit to T.J. Stevenson!



Are you from Denver, Dennis?

I hope that the new really tall tower that was recently proposed is built.


Yeah, and I feverishly hope they build the new tallest!



I used to visit D a lot for work.

Did they ever restart the fountains at Skyline Park downtown?


Huh, so Denver’s on the rise?


So do I robert, do we have any renderings of it? I live here as well.


It is indeed. Catching up to bigger cities like Chicago and Boston


Cool. I love it there.


Here’s a whole video on it, wiggle! DENVER | 650 17th Street | FT | 75 FLOORS


From my hotel room earlier this week.


Best pic I’ve seen in a while




Any update on this?


Ill be there next week. Ill get a few pics. Im staying only a few blocks away again for work.


It’s pretty much done. I see it once a week when i drive by downtown.


I’m in Denver training for my new position for 2 weeks. This was taken in the morning. I’ll try to get a pic later in the day before I leave.

1144 15th Street by Brian Aronson, on Flickr


I was there last week for work too.