DENVER | 650 17th Street | 1000 FT | 81 FLOORS


This video gives me a lot of hope!

DENVER l 1144 Fifteenth | 617 FT | 40 FLOORS

Denver, like the rest of the nation’s grand cities, is undergoing a building boom of its own.

According to this developer, a 100 story building is in the works! Maybe this is it.


Great to see a tower of this magnitude to secure Denver on the map.

It’s also great to see Denver on Yimby.


Anyone else get any art deco vibes from this tower?


woah. Wacky looking. More renderings on the website.


A website now! How official does this make it?


I think the website is marketing the site. I would put its credibility at the same level as that of the “Hudson Spire” which was advertised in NYC before BIG designed The Sprial for that particular site.


so not good! i don’t remember the hudson spire putting up a website though.


seems this is for real. A legitimate proposal has been submitted to the city. Also, the rendering is featured on the developer’s website.

The Denver Community Planning & Development department says New York-based Greenwich Realty Capital submitted a concept to the city last week.
The applicants describe the concept as being for: “A mixed use development including retail, hotel and residential at an 20:1 FAR in downtown Denver. This building is proposed to be 81 floors with mechanical floors located on floors 25&26, 53&54 and on the roof at an 81st floor. A residential lobby, hotel lobby and a proposed restaurant/bar will occupy and engage the first two levels activating the street. At the time of this concept submittal there are planned to be 780 parking spaces within the structure.”






This is great!!!


I hope this gets built.


any guesses on the odds?