CHICAGO | Vista Tower (375 E Wacker Dr) | 1,191 FT | 93 FLOORS


Taken by Señor Codo on May 26th:

This is starting to peak through the skyline! Lookin good! :wink:


I lived near Chicago for close to 14 years and can confirm the fact that they keep that Downtown nice and tidy. The Landscaping and Pedestrian experience is amazingly well kept.

Density is another issue entirely. Chicago is known as “The City of Broad Shoulders” for a reason. It’s similar to NYC, but with a lot of extra breathing room added. NYC is cramped in comparison to Chicago, but there is no doubt that Chi Town is an insanely urban city. Philly is much smaller in every kind of feeling when compared to Chicago. The only cities I can think of that are smaller than Chicago but denser are SF and Boston.


This looks like a Chinese city lol. Could be looking at Shenzhen with the construction and greenery.


This tower is awesome, that vantage point is like the Met Life Building


Structure is at 52 floors, core looks to be at 54


Is that Lake Shore Drive, better known as LSD?


Around 670 feet tall


Monroe Harbor by urbsinhorto1837, on Flickr


June 16th by YoChicago:

Lookin hot!! :smiley:


was in Chicago for a min.


In the last picture, lower right. What’s the concrete core for?


I’m not sure I see what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the two pillars of concrete, those aren’t cores. That’s part of a bridge haha


Ok got it.


How tall are we right now?


66/93, 70%
Around 830 feet tall


Why is cladding so behind?


Someone on SSP said they’re 9 months behind on it, I think there was a manufacturing problem



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72/93, 77%
Near 920 feet tall