CHICAGO | Vista Tower (375 E Wacker Dr) | 1,191 FT | 93 FLOORS


I lived in South Bend, Indiana for seven years. I’m an ND alum. I used to go to Chicago all the time and loved it, but my last winter in the Midwest was enough for me.

People mistakenly think that NY and the Midwest have the same climate, but they’re extremely different. That being said, Georgia and the Carolinas are starting to look good to me.


By amyULo

By ajlatrace

Lookin good!! :smiley: can’t wait to see this thing in person. I should be going down to Chicago soon. I’ll take as many pics as possible :wink:


Nice! Take some photos of Milwaukee too. That’s a beautiful city.


Oh my gosh you’re right! Tbh, I’m not there as much as I’m in Chicago, but I will be there for summerfest with a few friends of mine so I’ll be sure to get a few pics. Milwaukee has actually been going through a major construction boom. A 600’ building was just completed there and a 450’ was also just completed (or near). And another 650’ building was proposed not too long ago and demo has finished on it. Very exciting time!


Glass has been installed!!! By hrc oakpark:


Looks great!


Think we can move NYC to Atlanta’s location except for Xmas?


Taken May 24th by SolarWind:


Nice photo. The cladding i’m this is so behind.



This building is amazing in its size and mass! I can’t wait to see it myself soon!


I think that you’re really going to prefer Chicago over NY, Tom. I’m curious as to your thoughts.


Chicago over NYC? not even close!


They’re definitely different. Philly is more like NY than Chicago is. I appreciate how cheap Chicago is, and how well the city keeps itself with the plantings, etc.


I’ve been to Chicago. It’s just not as urban to me. I love the crowds in NYC! I’m a freak!


Especially when there is gridlock and your walking by, with a happy smirk.

Now being in a car at the time, different story, but yes, when being a pedestrian, the crowds, the sirens, the gridlock, the car blocking the walkway so folks have to squeeze by spilling onto the street… it just adds to the appeal!


It’s definitely not as urban or as big as New York. I like how it’s well cared for though.


Not a fan of this. It just looks bulky and inelegant. The way it bulges and narrows really makes it look stumpy.


I made a very rough comparison of where its at utlizing rendering + pic via same perspective. Redline = approximate.


Nice! I think it looks bulky at the moment because there’s still so much to go @colrain.