CHICAGO | Vista Tower (375 E Wacker Dr) | 1,191 FT | 93 FLOORS


Taken April 10th by SolarWind:


Taken some time last week by chicago1974:

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Beautiful shots, Oatmeal!!!


Quick trip overdue. Loved shooting Chicago.


Taken by YoChicago:

Beautiful shot taken by Wesley El-Amin:

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Looks great!


Great updates.


April 20th by YoChicago:

Most attractive photo of any city I’ve ever seen. If you have one hotter than this, dm it to me cause I don’t believe one exists.

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Oh and here’s another cool shot:

by thomaspkerwin


Great shot oatmeal. Crane festival is occuring, and any time the cranes congregate for a party, it means a good cycle! Cinco de Mayo is coming up! Typically, the amount of cranes in the city limits is proportional to how well a boom is going. Seattle for example or NY. No cranes = cause for worry.




From SSP
Around 590 feet tall


Taken May 14th by BVictor1:

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I love Chicago, and it’s WAAAAAY cheaper than NY. My only gripe is that its weather sucks. During the winter, it’s usually at least 20 degrees colder on any given day.

Frankly, at this point in my life, I’d like to live in a place like Atlanta, which is usually 20 degrees warmer than NY on any given winter day. I’m tired of winters that last from Dec to March.


Then dont come to Michigan! Our winters last from November to April!!


Ehh, southern summers are god awful though. The humidity is what kills you, you’ll be standing there doing nothing and be sweating all over.


I can deal with the heat – just not the endless winter. Anyway, I’ve been to Atlanta and Charlotte many times in the summer. They’re very hot, but not very humid. The coasts are humid though.


Come on over to Wisconsin to try our winters. It snowed 17 inches in the last week of April, which cancelled two of our track meets. This last season has been horrible. No doubt Chicago was probably similar.

NYC seems more and more perfect to me everyday


I lived in Wisconsin for 6 months, all 6 were winter. Never again. :joy:


It’s great here in Charlotte, it doesn’t get too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer (90-95 degrees at the most). Spring and autumn are perfect.


I’ve been to Charlotte, and I like it. It’s nothing remotely like NY or Chicago. It’s more like a mini Atlanta, but I think it’s great.