CHICAGO | Vista Tower (375 E Wacker Dr) | 1,191 FT | 93 FLOORS



Prolific Chinese real estate developer and investment company Wanda Group has announced that it will build a new 1,150-foot-tall skyscraper in Chicago.

Wanda Group isn’t a household name in Chicago… yet. But it has big plans to move into the American real estate development sector very aggressively in the near future. It already has 55 five-star hotels and 78 department stores in China. In America, you may know it as the company that owns AMC Theatres.

Chinese developers say a lot of things, and we would normally consider this yet another rumor/wishful thinking/bit of puffery from our friends in the Orient. But this announcement of what might become Chicago’s third-tallest skyscraper (sorry, Aon Center) was very specific.

The cost is $900,000,000
The height is 1,150 feet and 89 stories
1.4 million square feet of space
The tower will be hotel on the bottom, and apartments on top, with a retail component
A five-star hotel with the Wanda brand is planned
Walking distance to Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue
240 hotel rooms
Opening in 2018



CHICAGO | Vista Tower | 1,188 FT | 98 FLOORS
CHICAGO | Vista Tower | 1,188 FT | 98 FLOORS

Extra Rendering:




New Rendering:


This is a fantastic rendering! There’s gonna be so much more demand for dining and entertainment in this Downtown Chicago neighborhood!


Vista Tower by YoChicago, on Flickr


Highest floor at 28 floors but the core is at 30 floors
30/89, 33.7%


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I’m not sure how there wasn’t a thread made for this a long time ago, but this tower is well under way. Started construction at the end of the year last year and it is soaring.

  • Residential tower with 406 units
  • 1,188 FT (!!!)

Here’s a few renderings:

Image result for vista tower

And here’s where construction is right now:

February 27th:
(@Le Barron)

I follow a few other forums about Chicago construction so I’ll be able to update this thread fairly regularly.


From today (March 6th):


Sorry for the potato quality. I’ll update as soon as I can with better pics. Until then, have a good day! :smile:


Big ol’ fat update for ya. All pics taken yesterday (March 7th) by user BVictor1:



This is great. I’m glad to see Chicago getting some supertalls.


I am too @jagaruni! There are so many that are proposed right now, it’s ridiculous. Obviously not even close to as many as NYC, but for Chicago, it’s a lot.


From yesterday (March 12th):



From Instagram (@setbernstein67):

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Taken yesterday (March 19th) by user BVictor1:


Waiting for the cladding to see how this turns out,
It will make or break it!


Taken on March 23rd by user BVictor1:


Taken April 7th by user waynechicago:

Also, this amazing picture of the whole skyline by player pleasure: