CHICAGO | Vista Tower | 1,188 FT | 98 FLOORS


I’m not sure how there wasn’t a thread made for this a long time ago, but this tower is well under way. Started construction at the end of the year last year and it is soaring.

  • Residential tower with 406 units
  • 1,188 FT (!!!)

Here’s a few renderings:

And here’s where construction is right now:

February 27th:

(@Le Barron)

I follow a few other forums about Chicago construction so I’ll be able to update this thread fairly regularly.


From today (March 6th):


Sorry for the potato quality. I’ll update as soon as I can with better pics. Until then, have a good day! :smile:


Big ol’ fat update for ya. All pics taken yesterday (March 7th) by user BVictor1:



This is great. I’m glad to see Chicago getting some supertalls.


I am too @jagaruni! There are so many that are proposed right now, it’s ridiculous. Obviously not even close to as many as NYC, but for Chicago, it’s a lot.


From yesterday (March 12th):



From Instagram (@setbernstein67):

Have a good week! :slight_smile:


Taken yesterday (March 19th) by user BVictor1: