CHICAGO | The Paragon | 488 FT | 47 FLOORS


Residential project north of One Grant. Very nice tower, definitely one of my favorites.



Construction update (February 15th):


This tower is almost directly behind One Grant. The amount of towers going up along Grant Park and Michigan Avenue is staggering. Chicago is on fire!!!


New update! Picture taken March 6th by htc oakpark:

I feel like construction in Chicago and NYC are equally fast. It’s amazing to see towers go up so quick.
Obviously this tower isn’t flying, but in general, I feel the speed for both cities are about the same.
Anywho, have a great weekend! :smiley:


Taken March 21st by hrc oakpark:


Taken April 11th by BuildingUpChicago:

This one seems to be very slow. Like, unsettlingly slow. Ah well ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Have a great weekend! :smiley:


From April 30th:



Taken May 30th by hrc oakpark:

Seems to be going up rather slow compared to other buildings in Chicago.
Looks good though!

Have a good week! :smiley:


Looks to be almost topped out! (August 7th):


September 12th (on right):

Taken by BVictor1


Taken October 3rd:

Half of it has topped out! Looking sleek :wink:



Taken October 28th:

NEMA - Chicago by Harry Carmichael, on Flickr

Paragon is the right tower under construction.

Have a good day!