CHICAGO | One Chicago Square | 1,011 FT | 76 FLOORS | 583 FT | 45 FLOORS


This building was proposed around last October and it was approved on January 18th. Demo and piling should be underway soon. This is a huge development, especially for Chicago. Unfortunately, there are not very many updates that I come across for this development, so this thread will not be updated very often.

Let’s get to the facts!

  • 1011 feet (!!!) and a second building at 583 feet
  • 914 units | 200,000 sqft retail | 45,000 office | 659 parking
  • Developer is JDL --> Website
  • Zoning application

A few renderings and models:

Soil testing equipment spotted in October:


Oh wow! love those setbacks!


My favorite new Chicago tower going up, unless the Tribune site has a better design.


With this, the Tribune Tower, and Wanda Vista, Chicago is on fire!
I live in Michigan so I’m not TOO far away from Chicago. I can’t wait to see when all of these are built