CHICAGO | NEMA Chicago (One Grant Park) | 893 FT | 80 FLOORS


Still can’t believe no thread exists here for this one! It’s HUGE!!
Construction started last year for this one. It’s flying up!

Some renderings:

And a construction update: (February 27th)

One Grant Park by YoChicago, on Flickr

I’ll update this thread very regularly. This tower is definitely one to be excited about!


Thanks for these threads @Oatmeal ! be our chicago correspondant!
I had no idea there were as many projects! I only knew about wanda vista!


No problem @robertitoam, I’d be glad to! There are a ton more huge projects under construction in Chicago that aren’t on here. When I have time, I’ll go through and add as many as I can!


Holy crap this one is awesome.



I also love that there’s a much taller phase 2!


@the726 That is just an idea for now. I haven’t seen anything about it being official, but I sure hope it’s official! I’ll look around and see what I can find.

In the meantime, here’s another update! Taken yesterday (March 1st):



From March 3rd by BVictor1:

Looks like it’s going up a floor currently.
Have a great week! :slight_smile:


Taken yesterday (March 6th) by hrc oakpark:

Getting pretty tall. I think it will look really good next to the taller towers next to it.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:


Love Chicago.


Taken on March 21st by hrc oakpark:


Taken yesterday (April 15th) by user LookUpInAwe:

Have a great week!


And one from above by YoChicago:


Taken by BVictor1 on April 20th:

Lookin tall! I wonder when they’ll get glass on there. Hopefully soon because this baby is gonna be HAWT.

Have a good week everybody! :wink:


Taken May 16th by BuildingUpChicago: (On the right)

Gettin tall!


Huge heckin update for ya! June 18th by BuildingUpChicago:

These photos are making me hot :tired_face::tired_face:
In love boys. It can’t get much better than that.

Happy independence day!!! Have a good week!


Taken July 23rd by YoChicago:

Lookin big boys!


Taken on the 12th of september! Looking very tall and hawt :heart_eyes:

Pics by BVictor1