CHICAGO | 727 West Madison Street | 472 FT | 44 FLOORS


Large development, tallest in the Chicago West Loop.

  • 472 feet
  • 44 floors
  • designed by FitzGerald
  • 492 residences

A few renderings:

A little outdated but here’s a picture: (February 8th)

(@Building Up Chicago)

I’ve driven past this a lot and it’s unbelievably large in person. This picture doesn’t do it justice.


From March 3rd by hrc oakpark:

A view from the side:

Significant height jump from the last update. Looking good!
Have a great week! :slight_smile:


Taken March 15th by hrc oakpark:

Have a good week everyone! :smiley:


Taken March 30th by hrc oakpark:


Taken on April 17th by YoChicago:


Taken May 27th by hrc oakpark:

This baby is topped out!!


Lookin real nice on June 26th by YoChicago:

This one is a STUNNER. I don’t use that word lightly, but oh my gosh it’s shaped up to be an amazing building. Cladding seems to be going on slow.

Looking hot my dudes. Looking real fine :wink:

Read about this one here.


Taken Sept 26th:

Glass is all on! Working interior now! :smiley:
727 W Madison by Harry Carmichael, on Flickr