CHICAGO | 400 N. Lake Shore Drive (Fmr. Chicago Spire) | 1100 + 850 FT | FLOORS




Haven’t seen this render posted yet:

Dream come true honestly. I remember when other companies started bidding for the site and one of the developers who wanted it was planning on building an amphitheater there. SO glad these have a bigger chance of getting built.

IMO, Chicago has enough parks. It doesn’t have enough supertalls. Glad to see these proposed :smiley:


This is stunning. If this and the Tribune Tower are built, Chi will surpass NY as the best skyline!





Right now, I think that NY’s is better, but the Trib and these are amazing, so I’d have to give Chi Town the thumbs up if they’re built.


Gotta stop drinking the cool-aid. I know its good, I’ve had some, but snap out of it!

lol jk


But in all seriousness, yes, Chicago has an epic skyline. I will say this, in terms of aesthetics and symmetry, I think its the current king.


In my opinion NYC is like a god of supertalls under construction. But don’t get me wrong, Chicago is getting there, the skyline will truly change in the next 10 years just like NYC


“If things move forward smoothly, Related Midwest aims to simultaneously break ground on both towers in the summer of 2019 and deliver the project in 2023.”-Chicago Curbed


That would be great. Lets hope for the best. Related tends to have a good track record of success.


I like these towers, but I would’ve loved to see a megatall here.


The location seems perfect for it.


When is your trip to Chicago, Tom?

I think you may prefer it to NY.

NY is way bigger, but Chicago makes a lot of effort to beautify the sidewalks with planters, etc. Chicago takes a lot more pride in the city’s appearance.


Pushed it back to August 12, but I still can’t wait to go!


You’ll have fun.



He much prefers a giant hole.


Such a shame. This would have been amazing :frowning: