BOSTON | South Station Tower | 677 FT | 51 FLOORS


Hines and Chinese-based Gemdale Properties are looking to start construction of a mixed used tower on top of Boston’s South Station in 2017. It sounds like it will be built over the currently open-air train platforms. In association with this tower, they will expand the bus terminal as well. This should be quite interesting!


This is a fantastic example of taking something good and making it even better. Great building!


Definitely an improvement. Here was the older rendering. (the one before Hines updated the development site)


(you won’t see it on the hines site though. It was one I had saved on file)


This is a VERY nice project.

Is it actually happening ?


I believe it’s seeking financing. Fortunately, a tower like this isn’t seeing the massive NIMBY backlash given Boston is a fortress for those types. Hines mentioned 2017, so we could see this moving along sometime next year.


Thanks, Chris.

I hope that this is built.

To me, Boston is the most beautiful American city by far and one of the most beautiful in the world.


I saw that this was approved.

Hines has a Chinese investor and will start on a spec basis.


Was in town this weekend and took some shots. Can’t wait to see how this project turns out!

In true robertwalpole fashion, here are a few bonus shots of the beautiful Bostonian architecture


I love Boston!


Is this proceeding?