BOSTON | One Dalton Street/Four Seasons Hotel and Residences| 699 FT | 61 FLOORS


I noticed there wasn’t already a thread for this.

Here’s an article about the project:

And here’s some pics from 9/10



I love Boston.

What’s going on with the couple of other skyscrapers planned for the financial district?


I love Boston too! Idk what’s going on with some of those other towers. I’m particularly interested in the South Street Station tower.


You all need a major update for this one :wink:

From March 10th by David Z on Flickr:

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Good looks Oatmeal!


Taken on April 8th by David Z on Flickr:

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Boston is tied with DC for my second favorite city with Philly close behind.

I always love to see it.

Oatmeal, did you do an East Coast tour? Did you go to DC also?


What, no? Those photos are off flickr. Check the creds :joy:

Wish I could have though. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, Philly, and DC.


It’s growing boys:

(May 7th)

Photos by Eastside Nights on Flickr

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May 28th:

Taken by David Z on Flickr

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Oatmeal with the updates!


Today ( on the right next to prudential)


Pretty sure it’s topped out:

Go SOX by Mark R. Ducharme, on Flickr


20181103-15h11m47s by matthew macpherson, on Flickr


Boston has got to be one of the most understatedly elegant cities in the world. Refined and unpretentious.