Before and After ; Changes in the skyline through comparison


Before and After: 1974 vs 2017 :slight_smile:

Credit: Ajay Suresh


Wow that’s almost perfectly aligned


True, and If you look closely you can see Tower Verre peeking out


My bad it’s not Verre its 520 Park Avenue



While I love the skyline more than ever now, it must have truly been a site to see when, for nearly 40 years, the empire state building was the tallest building in not only the city, but the entire world. Today, it’s a modest 35th in height. Amazing to think for its first 40 years it was essentially untouchable and yet in its next 46 it was surpassed 35 times!


1927 vs 2017: Lower Manhattan (Hudson Angle)

City Celebration by Jon Scherff, on Flickr

Downtown Manhattan by Stephen Mildenhall, on Flickr

I think a boating license was essential in 1927.


Roosevelt Island.

1950 vs 2017


Credit: Roosevelt Islander


I just took this off google maps (2017 one) for the sake of comparison. As we can see, the FDR park was added. Along with the obvious changes North of the Ed Koch Bridge and along Sutton Place South/FDR Drive. Tried to angle it so it resembles 1950 shot. Can see a slight angle on the bridge in the 1950 shot. Lots of changes occurred on the island along Main Street and the creation of firefighters field.


Gif comparison


Greenpoint Ave
1986 (from the film F/X) vs 2016 via google



Future comparison

Original @cheryl.hills



Untitled by Chris Parker, on Flickr


Untitled by Michael Croft, on Flickr


Wow! There was literally nothing in Queens 10 years ago!


You can see many changes throughout these photos I’ve taken over the years

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Phone pictures

PHL February 2015
NYC August 2015
NYC September 2015
NYC February 2016
NYC August 2016
PHL May 2017


PHL August 2017
NYC August 2017
PHL August 2017
PHL January 2018
PHL April 2018
NYC April 2018


How Philly grew from the 1970’s to 1990’s to 2010’s





2018 (original photo)

Gifs were too big, put them on an album to access the full quality


Lower Manhattan Skyline. by Manhattan4, on Flickr

_RJS6592 by Richard Silver, on Flickr


This comparison just goes to show the downtown skyline still hasn’t quite recovered. The new 1 WTC doesn’t fill that void.