Before and After ; Changes in the skyline through comparison


There needs to be more of these posts


biggest different besides the new tall towers is how much the skyline has expanded towards the Hudson.


By the end of the century I bet there will be a vertical wall of towers against the water in some parts.
Definitely something I would love to see.


though not visible in the comparison I posted, i think the upper west side has seen an incredible amount of development - especially recently with the Time Warner Center, Lincoln Center Towers, Trump Riverside Plaza, BIG’s Pyramid, and Riverside Center/Waterline Square





The last image is 2013


thanks I thought I saw 50 west in it…


Newport, in Jersey City.
Don’t have a proper date, as this picture is not my own. But can obviously tell from the “new” photo that this was before December 2015 as the ‘Ellipse’ hasn’t been constructed yet.



Credit: metv


Credit: 123RF

2017 (4/19/17)




Perfect. We need more of these.


I got a challenge for someone. See if you can find a modern, 2016 or for a bonus, 2017 shot and similar angle for this taken in 1951. This shot, probally one of the most epic vintage shots I’ve ever seen. You rarely see this view. I’ll keep looking, but so far, 20 minutes later, no luck.

I came close to finding a 2016 one, but its zoomed in. So you miss the park and highway.


The city looked so perfect then.


A bit similar:



This is really neat.

A video compilation of tons of before and after clips.


Such an awesome post. I love this type of stuff. Thanks for sharing, Chris!


1940 vs late 2016. Thanks to streetscaper for 1940 shot.

Oct 2016.

Credit: Ashley Cristal



night view of midtown manhattan looking east from hudson river november 1944 by eralsoto, on Flickr


night view of midtown manhattan looking northeast from lincoln tunnel september 1954 by eralsoto, on Flickr

2017 (further inland in Jersey)

Moonrise over New York City by CliffPetersonPhotography, on Flickr



aerial view of manhattan island looking north november 1955 by eralsoto, on Flickr


_TOM5590 by EyeTunes, on Flickr