Before and After ; Changes in the skyline through comparison


I think this could be a good idea for a photo thread.

Here’s how it works. Find two pics, one from year “x” and one from year “y”. Both pics have to be very similar, this way, we could compare the changes.

Here is one that I found similar to a photo that YIMhudson posted. This being from 2012.

I just cropped out the section to make it easier.

So 2012 versus 2016 for Long Island City (LIC)

Could be a user found photo, or even one of your own.

Even a street shot. As long as its somewhat similar, and shows the change through the years. Try if available to estimate the date or if given or know, state. So year “X” versus year “Y”.


This is in 2000.

So 2000 versus 2015.

Credit for the one in 2000 is John Mathew Smith and 2015 is Ralph Spijkers


Late 2015 (November):

Remember to zoom in on both, in separate windows. The changes are dramatic going from 2000 to 2015.


So true. :slight_smile:


Downtown the past 20 years

Lower manhattan 1997 by Cal & Cat Stirzaker, on Flickr

NEW YORK 2004 018 by Rob1317, on Flickr

Looking toward Lower Manhattan, One WTC by Arturo Pardavila III, on Flickr


Wow, nice comparison, Chris! Midtown has really changed in the past 15 years!


I got one thin book about the Empire State Building and a few famous NYC skyscrapers (including the never forgotten Twin Towers) when I was there with my family in 2006, and its end cover says, “Downtown Manhattan’s skyline was changed forever on September 11, 2001”.

So true, but it’s changing more than I’ve imagined. Not just with the new WTC, but with other new coming skyscrapers as well.



Credit: Roderick Eime


Credit: Michael Lee

To get an idea, look at the Chrysler and Metlife Buildings. How much they stand out in 1970.



Credit: Pete Piszczek


Credit: Paulo Corceiro


Amazing find, Chris. I love these sorts of comparisons! Rockefeller was the king, besides the ESB and Chrysler, at that time. Now it’s barely visible



Credit: louise D.



moar pls! love this pics.


1934 vs 2016:

Credit: Brad White and cobravictor


Incredible. Can’t wait to see the angle when the rest of 57th is done and Vanderbilt.



Credit: Dick Leonhardt


Credit: Ale Natiq


Wow that’s one amazing comparison!


Its so crazy, but in these shots no one can tell that those little lowrises in the picture are actually quite tall and imposing when you are among them.


Before and After:


Credit: Chunyao Wei


[B]Before and After: 1934 to 2016[/B]

Aerial Manhattan 1934 by Peer Into The Past, on Flickr

Over New York [Explored] by Sunny Herzinger, on Flickr



Photo by Gridley/FPG. Source: Thomas Page. “New York”. Genéve. Minerva, 1976. Retrieved from:


New York City, Skyline, Blue Hour, Hamilton Park, New Jersey, America by Joe Price, on Flickr


1960 vs Q3 2016

And the streets match!

I love these comparisons. Hard to sometimes find the right shots to do them.

Credit: JFCiesla

December 2016.

Credit: Michael Richardson